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Launch your profitable sales funnel

with an irresistible offer

Hit the market with a “shut up and take my money” campaign in 21 days.

Irresistible offers

Full funnel creation

Live in 21 days

The #1 reason why marketing campaigns tank is that the OFFER sucks.

Your generic “get a quote today” and “buy now” buttons just won’t cut it.
Your sales funnel success hinges on creating an offer that makes customers feel stupid saying no to.

This is how you launch a money making, lead generating funnel in just 3 weeks:

Repackage your products & services into an irresistible offer

Start with a 90 minute session to present your products as a no-brainer to customers.

Sequence all the marketing elements into a proven formula that works

Lead magnets, landing pages, digital ads, email marketing – we will build and deploy them all in the right order.

Launch your sales funnel within 21 days

Generate new leads and collect cash at record speed.

Your business could be one compelling offer away from

striking gold.

The right offer changes EVERYTHING.
At SeeSharp, we have spent 15 years mastering these world-class frameworks, in order to find the right combination for your maximum sales funnel success.

Like these clients of ours:

One repeatable formula resulting in $1.5 million in online revenue per year.
A single campaign generated 2,000+ Google reviews, averaging 4.6 stars.
GloBird Energy
Startup going from zero web presence to 15,000 leads in their database within 5 months.

    Let’s get to work

    We will guide you through the process from start to finish.

    1. Craft your irresistible offer over a 90 minute session

    Secure your booking with a refundable $500 deposit*

    2. Identify & execute a sales funnel project

    Take your new offer to build and deploy yourself or utilise our in house team to build and deploy it for you.

    3. Start generating results within 21 days

    With an irresistible offer in market you are growing your business on autopilot.

    What does it cost?

    Initial Deposit

    + GST

    A 90 min 1-1 offer & funnel workshop to create an irresistible offer perfectly aligned with your desired audience.


    • 90 min zoom call with Certified Storybrand Guide
    • Completed ‘Irresistible Offer Worksheet’
    • Outline for Sales Funnel Execution
    After the workshop, we will help you combine the components to build your funnel. We’ll credit your workshop fee towards the final quote:

    Recommended deliverables:

    Landing Page

    Email Marketing

    Lead Magnet

    Ad Campaign

    But the risk can be minimal.

    With us, you are indeed taking a $500 risk and 90 minutes of your time.
    However, this small investment is a fraction of the potential revenue a well-designed offer and sales funnel can generate for your business.
    Though no professional marketer in their right mind can guarantee results, combining a sales funnel with an irresistible offer Is proven over 15 years to be the best chance for lucrative results.
    So take calculated risks.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What’s the difference between your 6 month retainer vs individual services?

    Our 6-month retainer is a strategic investment designed for businesses who are ready for a holistic approach to marketing growth. This is most suitable for businesses with at least $3 million in annual revenue, with a track record of proven products and services.

    Our Individual services are projects that serve specific marketing objectives such as a clear brand presence, lead gen, and consistent content marketing.

    Am I expecting to only talk about strategies that are impractical in execution?
    Not at all. A strategy without an execution plan is pointless. The purpose of our consulting is to investigate your product offerings and brand positioning in order to discern marketing projects to be implemented by our team. We either take over all the implementation or act as project managers to coordinate your internal resources.
    Is your team all based in Australia?
    Yes, our team of seasoned marketing pros are based in Australia, all trained by StoryBrand HQ in Nashville, TN.
    Do you do social media management?

    We do not handle any organic social media management. Our efforts are focused on paid advertising to bring you the best ROI.

    However, we are happy to recommend trusted social media managers if needed.

    Do you do SEO?

    All our websites and landing pages follow on-page SEO best practices. However, our services do not offer ongoing SEO maintenance. We have a particular stand on why SEO might not be the best investment for your business growth. Read more here.

    You guys are 2-3 times more expensive than other marketing agencies, why?

    SeeSharp is a consulting firm rather than a traditional agency. Most agencies focus on tactics, often with a bias on what they are good at. With SeeSharp, you’ll get a holistic view on all your marketing options and make the most informed decisions. When it comes to execution, we do everything in-house with full-time employees instead of contractors to ensure consistency and quality. Think of us as your fractional CMO and external marketing department, and you’ll realise our cost is only a fraction of what you’d have paid if you were to hire your own team.

    What would be some of the non-negotiables while working with SeeSharp? (StoryBrand)
    Our marketing firm is trained and certified by the world-renowned StoryBrand® framework developed by Donald Miller. We use this approach for all our marketing efforts.
    What happens after the 6 month retainer?
    Depending on your goals you can continue on a website maintenance package, and or continue deploying sales and content funnels to further grow your business.

    Free Download:

    Sales Funnel Template
    – (with video training)

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    Transform your products and services into an obvious choice, a necessity, something so attractive customers cannot walk away from.

    Let’s craft this irresistible offer together and bring it to market in 21 days.

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