2 Day
Sales Funnel War Room

An intensive livestream workshop to build & launch your lead gen campaign in 48 hours

10th & 11th September 2020

2 Day
Sales Funnel War Room

An intensive livestream workshop to build & launch your lead gen campaign in 48 hours

10th & 11th September 2020

Get Qualified Leads & Build Your Database at Scale

Know How Much You’re Paying Per Lead & Per Sale

Stay Ahead In Business Coming Out Of COVID-19

The world is on standstill, you can’t be.

Most businesses are now pulling the plug on marketing, the smart ones double-down. This exclusive workshop will handhold you to build a sales funnel to completion in 48 hours – a simple lead magnet, an email marketing sequence, Facebook campaign. And yes, you can do this within 2 days from start to campaign launch, and see results in days.
Building a sales funnel is the only way to climb out of this recession stronger than ever. You will acquire a database at scale, supply your sales team with qualified leads, and make 2020 your best marketing year while others panic.

This exclusive workshop is designed to pull back the curtain from marketing professionals, so you can execute a full sales funnel all by yourself.

You will walk out of these 2 days with:

A Lead Magnet People Want to Download

Writing compelling headlines, structuring your content for engagement, eBook design on Canva.

Complete Facebook Ad Campaign

A deep dive for you to set everything up yourself and get leads with a small monthly budget.

Lead-to-Sale Follow Up

Either through cold-calling or automation with email marketing and landing page.


A Follow Up Zoom Call

We’ll schedule a post-workshop call with you to make sure your campaign is on the right track.

We will be focusing on the “top of the funnel” in this workshop:

For you to make the most out of this workshop, the following skillsets are preferred but not necessary:

Familiarity with

Experience with
Photoshop or Canva

Have a
Facebook Ad Account

Experience with CRM Platforms such as Mailchimp

How It Works

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$599 including workbook and follow up support, only 10 seats available

See You on the 10th & 11th September 2020

5 hour session on Zoom.

Run Your Funnel, Measure Results, Close Sales – All By Yourself!

Get all the skills you need to write a lead magnet, create a FB campaign and get RE$ULTS!
  • Wanting to stay on the cutting edge with our branding & marketing and get continuous results to fuel our business, we couldn’t look past SeeSharp to be our long term marketing partner.
    Ruben Fuentes, Viable Corporation
  • SeeSharp’s approach in marketing and quality of work has always been outstanding. They are one of the main factors of our organisation’s significant growth in the last 5 years.
    Peter Lusk, Southern Cross Kids Camps
  • As a newly established business, we love our new website and the results generated so far, our new clinic is definitely busier then expected! SeeSharp’s ongoing advisory and result driven approach has also given us confidence to keep growing our business online.
    Daniel Fechner, Ear Studio

What results can I expect?

This workshop is designed to provide you with all the skills and tools to execute a sales funnel without marketing professionals. When you implement exactly what we teach you, you will be on track to achieve these real business, time-tested results:

Examples of campaigns you’ll be crafting:

What you’ll be learning will apply to any industries and products, B2B or B2C.


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Why is this workshop 2 half days instead of one full day?
Humans have the attention span of a gold fish. Your brain reduces capacity to 50% after lunch time, and that’s not ideal for intensive work such as building a sales funnel. For your maximum benefit, to absorb all the content and have your campaign completed during your time with us, we structure these two half days while your brain is operating at its capacity. It demands more resources from us but we desperately want you to win.
Will I get any materials for future reference?
Yes, there will be a full workbook and the recording of all sessions.
What’s the upsell?
Absolutely nothing! This workshop is totally designed for you to be an independent marketer without paying anyone else for a sales funnel.
What if I don’t get results?
In our follow up Zoom call, we will assess everything you’ve built and help you optimise for results. If we can’t get this done in one call, we will do two, three, four until you get results. Or, if we exhaust all options and you still don’t get results, we will give you a full refund.

Don’t waste a pandemic. Do something.

Entrepreneurs are fighters. We don’t stay in panic or rely on government help. This crisis can become the best season your business has ever experienced.

Take this opportunity to upskill and execute a sales funnel yourself, and smash COVID-19 in the face with marketing RE$ULTS!

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