Monday 10th FEB, 2020 | 10am - 2pm Launceston Conference Centre, 50 Glen Dhu St, South Launceston TAS 7249 


Only 20 spots available

In this Live MasterClass, you will get:

Proven Method to Hijack Your Customer's Brain

Your customers will ignore all your competitors and only pay attention to you!

8 Bonus Marketing Tools 

Proven resources from the world's leading marketing experts to fast track your results

Live Website & Marketing Review

We have restricted this master class to only 20 attendees so that you get individual attention to work on the specifics of your marketing

"I have come back 3 times to this class and brought dozens of my coaching clients through, and still learning a ton!" Daniel Lauridsen - COLAB Australia

"One of the core concepts of this class just really hit home for me, and now we are rolling this out to the 500+ volunteers within our charity." Peter Lusk - Southern Cross Kids Camp

Most companies are setting money on fire with marketing? Are you one of them? 🔥💰 

If you’re wondering why your websites aren't converting, online products aren't selling, Facebook Ads aren't working, or SEO is yielding no results, it's likely your marketing is suffering from the most common mistake: there's something wrong with the words you are using.

In this workshop, you will learn how to effectively write copy to smoothly enter into your customers' journey, and naturally convince them to make a purchasing decision. It's all about understanding customer psychology, not learning how to master Photoshop and HTML5...

You may already be frustrated with your result-less but stunning looking website that had costed you thousands, or the endless A/B testing on your Facebook Ads sitting on a 1% conversion rate... 

We've all been there, and it doesn't have to be this way. Learn how to finally get your customers' full attention to your business at this upcoming Masterclass.

The normal admission to our monthly Melbourne MasterClass events is $85, and we are bringing this event to Tasmania for the first time for FREE, accomodating to only 20 qualified business owners or marketers who will turn up and are serious about getting the marketing RE$ULTS they deserve. First come, first served.  

Only 20 spots available

This MASTERCLASS is for you if you are sick and tired of:

  • having a website or digital presence that does nothing for your business
  • Having a website that costs over $5000 yet produces no sales
  • Paying $1500 per month on SEO
  • Paying $3000 per month on Google Adwords
  • Paying $3000 per month on FB Ads with no results
  • Having an average 1-3% conversion rate
  • Paying agencies thousands of dollars to write "strategies" on paper with no execution

Once you're confirmed to attend this class, we require your full attention, engagement and participation because:

This Master Class content will NOT be recorded

  • This is an exclusive event and we will be doing lots of reviews, interactions and exercises LIVE.

You're serious about getting personalised, practical advice & ready to take action

This master class is designed only for the business elites who are actually on track to grow their business. We just roll up our sleeves in the session and fix your marketing. 

You want RE$ULTS, Profits & Cashflow from your marketing

You will be given $25K+ worth of IP, resources and content in this master class. When fully implemented, we expect our clients to at least double their business in 12-18 months.

Disclaimer: Yes, we will sell you something as we see fit.

Only 20 spots available

"Very practical and useful information presented. Loved that Alex pulled up websites on the spot to illustrate his points of effective websites." Simon Grout - RankFirst

"Walked away challenged by the way that we do things, it has opened up a can of worms. We are now applying what we have learnt to our business." Rachel Tilley - Aussie Tune

From your Class Facilitator:

After 10 years in digital marketing, I've concluded that most businesses, big or small, waste an enormous amount on marketing.

This MasterClass is designed to make sure every marketing dollar spent is channelled towards an ROI.  

When you finally build marketing that works, sales go up, customers rave about your business, and your marketing become a sales machine on autopilot. 

Alex Lau CEO of SeeSharp Group 


Launceston Conference Centre (Door of Hope Christian Church)

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