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All-inclusive marketing services to fuel your business with marketing results.

Get Predictable Return on Investment

Grow Your Leads & Sales At Scale

Fuel Your Business with Marketing That Works

Marketing is a never-ending money pit for most companies.

The story usually goes like this:

  • You pay $15K+ for a nice looking website with no conversion
  • Then another $10K plus ad spend on a “sales funnel” that doesn’t reflect on revenue growth
  • To maintain it all, you’re now paying a $3000 monthly retainer for some SEO and social media activities that you don’t understand
  • 6 months later your marketing is not making you money, cash flow dries up
  • The agency relationship has now gone south. The finger pointing begins.
  • You’re now restarting the entire process… or have given up entirely

6 months in and an easy $30K+ in marketing spend later, you’re back to ground zero…

At SeeSharp, our full-range service has a singular goal: turn marketing activities & advertising dollars into sales.

Here’s what will happen within 18 months with SeeSharp:

Clarify Your Marketing

The absolute foundation to any marketing success using our licensed StoryBrand framework.

A Conversion Driven

A clear and concise website designed for customers to immediately make purchasing decisions.

Sales Funnel &
Content Marketing

A guided strategy executed on auto-pilot, customised to your growth appetite.

Structured 90 Day

So we’re accountable for your sales objectives, to achieve realistic, measurable goals together with complete transparency.

Let’s keep the main thing, the main thing:


Marketing conversations usually revolve around never-ending mentions of landing pages, SEO and Facebook Ads. No doubt these tactics are the essential building blocks of any successful marketing, but they are only a means to an end.
When you entrust your precious marketing budget with SeeSharp, you can say goodbye to all the confusing talk and unnecessary metrics that muddy the waters of what truly matters – Return On Investment.
Nothing gives us more joy than when clients experience marketing as a sound investment for business growth.

Here’s how it works:

Book a FREE
30 Minute Consultation

In this free 30 minute consultation, you will get a full assessment on the best options to grow your marketing.

Design Your
18 Month Marketing Plan

Starting from a clear marketing message, a conversion-driven website, lead gen campaigns all the way to ongoing content. In 18 months you will have a well-oiled revenue machine.

Supercharge Your Sales
with Marketing That Works

Sit back and watch qualified leads begin to flood your inbox! Get real results and never waste marketing dollars again.

Join these companies who’ve multiplied their product sales, built their databases at scale, and increased their brand value within 12 months

  • Leading Energy Retailer in VIC & NSW

    5 Star Reviews & Marketing Resulting in Mozo Awards 2017-2020
  • Australia’s most trusted Natural Therapy Brand

    560% Product Sales Increase in 2 Months
  • Australian Children’s Charity

    7 Figures in Online Donations in 24 months
  • Specialty Coffee Roaster in South Australia

    10x Online Sales Increase in 5 Months
  • Sydney Audiology Startup

    $500K+ in first year of business through digital
    • SeeSharp's in-depth consultation has given our company much needed momentum to take major steps in our marketing. I love how they give us the confidence to make our various marketing initiatives now streamlined and clear. These sound decisions are very valuable to our future marketing results.
      Cam McLennan
      CEO of OpenCorp & Best Selling Author
    • SeeSharp has hands down transformed our organisation like we would have never imagined. Thanks to their amazing strategies and execution, our organisation has now achieved national reach and social impact at a large scale. We are forever thankful for SeeSharp.
      Peter Lusk
      General Manager of Southern Cross Kids Camps
    • To work with SeeSharp is a bit of a dream come true for a guy like me. I see the value of good marketing, I can visualise it, and I can see how our image is important for those who don't know us yet, but I can never seem to find the time to invest in doing it. SeeSharp have been outstanding in developing our web and social presence. All I need to do is communicate my ideas and they produce the rest. Makes us look great but also believable which is really important to us. Can't recommend them highly enough.
      Paul Tucker
      Director of Mozaix Pty Ltd
    • SeeSharp used StoryBrand to cut straight through all the fluff and helped us clarify 15+ years of messaging into a few powerful pages in less than a day. If you’re stuck trying to find the right words for your company, and really want to stand above your competition, I highly recommend engaging the SeeSharp team today.
      Bianca Board
      Founder & CEO of Web123
    • I’ve been through the StoryBrand book a couple of times myself, but having SeeSharp walk my team through the process took it to another level. I cannot recommend this enough. Every business should do this.
      Johannes Klupfel
      Director of Cloud Clicks

      Pricing & Deliverables

      Included in all packages

      1. StoryBrand Messaging Strategy Session (valued at $6,500)
      1. Custom Web Design & WordPress Development with Unlimited Content Updates
      1. StoryBrand Qualified Wireframe and Copywriting on all pages
      1. Sales Funnel: Lead generator PDF, Facebook & Google Ads, marketing emails
      1. Google Analytics, Live Dashboard & 90 Day Review
      1. A media day: Professional photos and video

      For Service-Based or Product Display Businesses


      + GST Per Month
      • Guided Content Marketing
      • Booking/Appointment Systems

      For E-Commerce & Membership Businesses


      + GST Per Month
      • eCommerce Development and Payment Gateway Integration
      • Guided Content Marketing
      Optional Add On

      Content Marketing



      + GST Per Month
      Our in-house production team takes care of it all:
      • ? x videos scripted, filmed, produced
      • Blog writing
      • Social media scheduling

      Limited Sign Up Bonus – Complimentary “Media Day”

      For a limited time only, we will get special access to a ‘Media Day’ as part of journey 18 month journey with us. This is a half day session for you to walk away with professional photos and video content to give you the best start in marketing!

      • A half day video + photography session on site at your office or at a studio (booking fees applied)
      • Photography: staff portfolios, team photos, action shots
      • Video: scripted 60-90 second “brand video” based on StoryBrand messaging

      It’s the StoryBrand way or the highway.

      The lifeblood of any marketing success is in it’s messaging. Messaging that is clear, concise and designed to sell at an instant.

      We exclusively use the StoryBrand communications framework to clarify your message and craft a customer-centric communication that works.

      Having repeatedly witnessed companies using StoryBrand as the cornerstone for their marketing success, we at SeeSharp will install this framework into every single one of our clients from the beginning, as the absolute foundation of all marketing output.

      SeeSharp has been a certified StoryBrand Guide & Copywriter since February 2018. Thanks to this brilliant framework, we’ve been consistently producing clients results that are way above industry standard since then.

      All our website copywriting is filtered through the StoryBrand framework, a proven communication methodology used to create clear and compelling words that instantly engage your audience.

      3 Website Wireframes to Instantly Boost Conversions

      Websites are selling tools, not “online brochures”.

      Most businesses think a beautiful website is all they need to represent their companies online. If a website is not intentionally built to convert customers into a buying decision, it’s a complete waste of money.
      Download this FREE Website Template Pack and obtain the exact formats of a result-driven home page, landing page and product page.
      When you deploy these templates onto your own website, you will see a massive drop in bounce rate, your conversion rate skyrocket and your website finally become a profit-making business asset.

      More Free Resources & Marketing Hacks

      No more marketing that doesn’t make business sense.

      Everyone who invests in marketing deserves an ROI. Let’s get down to business.

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