About SeeSharp

We know what it feels like to walk around like a business failure, unable to achieve the marketing results you’ve paid so much money for.

If you’re like us, you’ve wasted an enormous amount of money on marketing. You’ve wondered if there was ever a way to guarantee results for every dollar spent out of your marketing budget, which will fuel your business with consistent and predictable sales…

We know you want to become a business where sales eventually becomes a non-issue, and it’s wrong that the products or services you’ve invested so much in developing are just not getting the love and response they deserve.

At SeeSharp, we get it.

We’ve seen and heard the same stories for since 2008 – SEO, pretty websites, social media, paid ads failures prompted by some agency’s sweet-talking big promises.

You’re sick of it, so are we, that’s why every year we help hundreds of businesses just like you to channel every marketing dollars into RE$ULTS through our services. We do this because we believe business is the backbone of our economy. And by helping you make more money we are in turn creating jobs, feeding families and better growing our civilisation.
We are committed to helping you get more leads and close more sales so marketing will no longer be a never-ending money pit, but an overflowing cash cow. The process is simple: 
  • Book a 30 Min Discovery Call 
  • Choose Your Marketing Plan
  • Double Your Marketing Results in 12-18 months*
Once you do that 30 Min Discovery Call with us, you’ll have taken the first step to fuel your business with sales at scale. We salute you for having the spine to be in business, the toughest sport in the world, and you deserve to be a champion. Let us help you get some marketing results so that you can build a business empire that lasts. Book a Discovery Call today so we can get started.
*Marketing is like investing, no one can guarantee results but we do have a track record to come up with this projection. And frankly, doubling is quite conservative. If you come across with anyone who promises you results, FLEE!

SeeSharp Team

Alex Lau

“I dig any sports that involve snow and going downhill.”

Thomas Ye

“I like buying expensive things I don’t need.”

Daniel Lauridsen
General Manager

“My three greatest loves are faith, family and fitness.”

Bram Spencer
Web Development Lead

“Rest and relax don’t exist in my vocabulary.”

Lliam Murphy
Video Producer

“You can never have too many lamps in my line of work!”

Emma Deacon
Brand Strategist

“I am a little bit obsessed with my indoor plants!”

Michael Cheung
Graphic Designer

“I’ve never worked a day in my life… only nights.”

Madeleine Lauridsen
Marketing Assistant

“I like fitness, a good book and fine coffee.”

Timo Siew
Web Developer

“Life is too short for bad coffee!”

Murray Brust
Content Specialist

“I’m passionate about all things the English language.”

Terry Chen
Visual Designer

“Good design comes with a price, but bad design is what will really cost you.”

Enisa Tran
Marketing Assistant

“When life gives you lemons…make lemonade!”

When you work with SeeSharp, you can hold us accountable to these Core Values:

  1. Everything we produce is designed to make money

  2. Clients win or we don’t exist

  3. Digital tools to are to drive measurable RE$ULTS, not for show

  4. Lifetime value over short term pay cheques

  5. Resist all talk no action

  6. Get to the point in all communications

  7. Dare to have fun and be ourselves

  8. SeeSharp employees are winners growing into champions

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