Sales Funnel to Drive You

Leads & Sales On Autopilot

A complete marketing machine to sell your products & services like hot cakes

Fully Automated Sales Funnel

Immediate Wins & a Long Term Strategy

Get Quality Clients on Autopilot

Most products and services don’t get the attention and demand as they deserve.

As a result, sales is mediocre – at best.

A sales funnel makes your products or services irresistable. Customers will be so eager, that they’ll line up to do business with you.
This is an evergreen, set-and-forget pipeline that feeds you with leads and sales from day 1.
With a sales funnel, you get to attract curious prospects and turn them into willing customers… Customers that are ready to pay you a premium for whatever you’re selling.

If your company is hungry for the following, a sales funnel is the answer to supercharge your business:

Predictable Cashflow

Give your business a massive lift with consistent, ongoing cash in the bank

Large Database for to Market to Forever

Your business will be so in-demand that you will have a loyal following of long term customers

Warm Leads & Sales That Never Runs Out

Double down on sales when business is booming, and a lead flow to draw from during rainy days

The moving parts of the machine

Lead Generating PDF

A sales funnel begins with a lead generating asset. This could be a PDF, video series, content and much more.

The lead generating asset contains valuable information that speaks into an inner desire or problem they’re facing. Your prospect will provide information such as their name, contact number and email address in exchange for the asset.

If you are in real estate looking for both buyers and sellers, a free PDF called 5 Tips to Buy Your Dream Home would be a valauble asset.

Facebook Ads

Running Facebook Ads, as well as other forms of digital advertising such as Google Ads, will deliver your lead generating asset to the right people through detailed targeting.

The ad isn’t an opportunity for a sales pitch – just a simple image of valuable content worth exchanging contact details for.

Specific targeting as well as the nature of the lead generating asset will ensure that only your target market takes action, giving you a pool of warm leads in quantity.

5-7 Nurturing Emails

With a pool of leads in quantity, now is the time to start nurturing with an email sequence.

Every email will continue to provide immense value to your prospect, but will end with a strong call to action that will direct them to a conversion focused landing page.

Statistics show that your prospects need to see your products and services 7 to 10 times, before they even consider making a purchasing decision.

Conversion Focused Landing Page

The landing page is your opportunity to make your pitch for your products or services.

Your lead generating asset and email sequence have lead to this point – nurturing your prospect to speak into their need, build awareness and trust.

Qualified Leads
Here, the machine has done all the leg work. Out the other end, there are qualified leads who are extremely hot. This can look like product sales, sales calls or enquiries, or appointments booked – depending on your offering.

Here’s how it works:

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In this call, we’ll discuss in detail your products or services, and how they can make up an effective sales funnel

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We’ll put together all the assets and traffic campaigns needed to go live. 2-4 week turnaround.

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Start getting cash in the bank, and build a database of warm leads that you can market to, forever!
  • We have been using the services of SeeSharp for our fundraising advertising for a couple of months. Their expertise in setting up our Facebook Ad campaigns is fantastic. The results we have had from using their expertise has been outstanding! They are prompt, reliable, creative and they are wonderful to deal with. I would highly recommend them for any Marketing needs in your business/company/charity.
    Marcia Meyer
    Raffle Administrator of Southern Cross Kids' Camps
  • Not only are we delighted with our new website, the lead generation continues to deliver results!
    Michael Sloan
    Director of The Successful Investor
  • We have had our site with SeeSharp since June 2018, their marketing smarts and relentless consistency have empowered us to make us feel like YES we can do this marketing thing!
    Alex Lam

    Pricing & Deliverables

    Disclaimer: Though we’re extremely confident, no marketing agency can guarantee results. Sales results will also vary based on your follow up and sales process.

    Standard Sales Funnel



    + GST
    • Lead Gen PDF – Copywriting & Design 

    • 7 Nurturing Email

    • Conversion-Driven Landing Page (StoryBrand Qualified)

    • CRM & Email Marketing


    Sales Funnel + Facebook Ads

    Minimum 3 month engagement


    + GST Per Month
    • Everything in Standard Sales Funnel (Lead Magnet, EDMs, Landing Page)

    • One-Off Facebook Ads

    • Monthly Management, Optimisation & Reporting

    • $3000 Recommended Monthly Ad Spend Over 3 Months

    Landing Page



    + GST
    • All Inclusive – Copywriting, Design, Build, Hosting

    • Conversion-Driven Landing Page (StoryBrand Qualified)

    • Inclusive of 3 Changes Over 6 Months

    • Benchmark Conversion Rate: 8%-10% First 3 Months

    Forget all your fancy LinkedIn InMail hacking, Instagram Stories and Tik Tok monetisation strategies.

    A simple sales funnel is how you unlock sustainable marketing results for the long haul.
    Once automated and sales is sorted, you can devote 100% focus back on perfecting your products & services and scale your business into an empire!

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