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Continuous nurturing & conversion campaigns with high-end video marketing

Elevate your

Add fuel to your
marketing campaigns

StoryBrand done right
on video

Most companies produce digital content as a sporadic gap filler.

These days anyone with a DSLR and computer can come up with amazing looking footage and present them as “business infomercials”.

While there is no shortage of slick-looking storytelling and product shots, few companies are reaping monetary results from their videos.

That’s why most companies create one “company video” then give up. Because other than getting a few “it looks good” from polite clients and cheering friends, video doesn’t seem to make business sense.

Our video marketing package

Designed to intentionally convert viewers into buyers:

A proven story-based approach to hero your customers

By dramatising your customers’ thirst for your products & services and position your brand as the guide to help them win the day.

Batch content for consistent weekly release

Video marketing should be a continuum not an event. Every shoot we conduct will aim for 8-12 weeks worth of content.

Audience nurturing & conversion campaigns

The most important part of marketing is to ensure media assets are being used to drive results. We will design email campaigns, ad campaigns and social releases to ensure your content efforts are backed by a solid strategy.

Video marketing is
not show and tell for your brand.
Your customer must be the hero of the story.

Our video marketing package’s methodology is certified by the world-renowned StoryBrand framework.

It’s a simple concept – position your customers as the hero, dramatise their problems, and position your company as the guide to save the day.

Both intellectually proven and battle tested to drive marketing results, this paradigm shift will elevate your business above all your competition.

How it works

1. Book a discovery call

Discuss how to align video themes & controlling ideas to your business objectives

2. Elevate your brand with complete video marketing

Grab customers’ attention by telling stories the right way and run them as marketing campaigns

3. Become the go-to company

Magic happens when you consistently stay in front your audience with value and clear calls to action!

Clients we’ve worked with


    Video Marketing Package


    /Month +GST
    for a minimum of 3 months

    • Monthly media days
    • A fully scripted and professionally produced brand video
    • 12 weekly nurturing content videos and accompanying email marketing

    Book Now
    + Add-On

    Add this onto the
    18 month package

    Month 1

    • Storybrand scripted ‘customer as the hero’ brand video
    • Professional photography of staff, office and in-action
    • General media assets for website and social media

    Month 2

    • Get 6 high quality nurturing content videos
    • Copywriting and design of email nurturing sequences
    • Content funnel strategy and management of email marketing

    Month 3

    • Same video production as month 2
    • Now you have 12 nurturing content videos in total and accompanying weekly email marketing
    • Full report on campaign progress and conversion

    Creativity is great.
    Creativity + strategy is unstoppable.

    When you engage SeeSharp to take care of your video marketing, you won’t be getting a group of “video guys” only obsessed with cameras and lights.

    We are trained marketers offering a complete service. We deliver professional, high-quality videos that are backed by sound strategy that aligns your marketing with your business objectives.

    As Asia-Pacific’s leading StoryBrand Agency, our in-house production team is committed to applying the SB7 Framework to every video. This means your videos will finally communicate the message your customers want to hear.

    Say goodbye to videos that disappear in someone’s news feed.

    Create videos customers can’t afford to ignore.
    Schedule your free discovery call today and launch videos marketing campaigns that will achieve the ultimate marketing success.

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