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3 Reasons Small Town Businesses Can Score BIG Marketing Success

If you’re a business owner located anywhere but the major cities, then you could be sitting on a hidden marketing gem that could score you big success.

Often times, business owners can feel as though their growth is restricted within their geographical location, limited population, or the local economy that is seemingly unexciting.

This is not the case though when you harness the power of the internet. You can continue to enjoy the small-town lifestyle with an income equal to that of the big cities.

What many fail to realise is that being located in a small town means less competition, larger geographical coverage, and greater untapped potential for getting digital marketing RE$ULTS!

Therefore, most small-town businesses are sitting on one of the biggest digital marketing goldmines without even realising it.

So, here are 3 reasons why small-town businesses can achieve BIG digital marketing success:

1. There is less competition

Let’s be honest, if you operate in a small town your competitors probably don’t have a website, or if they do, it’s a terrible one! Typically, small-town businesses are generation owned and solely rely on word of mouth and existing relations, not exactly predictable in modern-day business terms.

Everyone knows the internet presents amazing business opportunities, but most people aren’t doing it right. When you are able to connect all the dots and execute a well-designed digital strategy precisely, all the advantages you’d have over your local competitors are at your disposal.

Furthermore, small towns are characterised by their smaller population bases, which means lower digital advertising costs for a greater geographical reach.

What does that look like?

Currently, Facebook ads cost approximately $20-25 to reach 1000 people. So how much would it cost to market your product to 4.9 million people in Melbourne, verse 80,000 local citizens in the Western Australia town of Bunbury, and the surrounding 100km area, who all refer Bunbury as their central hub of commerce?

You do the maths!

When your business is located in one of the big cities, you need a relatively large budget to try and cover all grounds, and when you don’t precisely execute your marketing that money will easily be gone before you see any ROI.

This is solely due to the fact that you’re competing against larger companies with greater marketing budgets than you.

2. You can easily leverage the local community for brand awareness, once you’ve picked a niche

You either know it or you’ve heard jokes about it – “small-town vibes!”

These vibes are no joke though, they refer to everyone knowing each other and a need for involvement in community events.

Now this can have both it’s pros and cons, but in terms of using the internet to aid business results, harnessing small-town culture in digital marketing is a winner.

Take Cherry Hill Orchards, for example, who are located in the Yarra Valley and hold an annual event in late September.

Every year, they spend only a few hundred dollars promoting their annual event and see attendees in the thousands flock from across regional and metropolitan Victoria. They have become a little Victorian tourist phenomenon due to their diversified product range and skyrocketing sales.

Special Effect Nursery is another great example of a local farm achieving remarkable digital marketing success by keeping their content genuine and localised. Look their content on Facebook, all unpaid, from people in their community spending precious time consuming and commenting, which has led to a significant amount of organic relationships and business results.

This is Word of Mouth 2.0!

3. Small Town Customers are Loyal

There are a significant amount of people in remote areas who’ve got disposable money to spend, while the options are fewer, they are always willing to pay a premium for items they place a high value on.

The beauty of digital marketing is that you no longer need to invest major dollars into a renovated shopfront in a centralised location. You can spend a fraction of that cost on a well designed online experience, funnelling people from search engines and social media into an e-commerce website, picking exactly who you want to target and having complete control of your overheads.

If your overall online flow creates a clear path for customers to understand your product value, leading to an easy way to purchase, organise shipping, and positively experience your product, you’ve already won half the battle.

That’s what characterises modern companies today who are able to leave lasting impressions and build loyal customer bases. Do a few things right on the internet and you could be the talk of the town tomorrow.

If you’re looking for BIG digital marketing success for your small town business, you need to start learning the ropes of crafting digital marketing for the win.

It’s not about Facebook Ads and Google Adwords or the latest Shopify theme you can implement into your online store. Most people start there, and that’s why they don’t succeed.

In our upcoming online masterclass, we will show you the steps you must take in order to create a lasting marketing strategy that is built for business RE$ULTS and will stand the test of time. It is going to be an intimate session, catering only for 15 attendees, with lots of one on one reviews and practical exercises to get you going.

So, sign up today and we look forward to helping you to become the talk of the town!

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