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Common Money-Wasting Website Mistakes

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If your business has a website, you’re sitting on a gold mine and you may not even know it. 

By following a few simple concepts, you can purposefully design every single element of your website to quickly turn browsers into buyers! 

Unfortunately many business owners let untapped revenue slip through their fingers by not putting any focus into making their website a money-generating machine, rather than a mere “online brochure”.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to put your business in a position of absolute advantage. You’re about to learn the keys to building a revenue-generating website … while your competitors are still overpaying web designers to fiddle around with a slick-looking site that does nothing to their bottom line.

Watch these videos now and implement these website design tips as soon as possible. You’ll be mining gold and experiencing real success in no time.  

Don’t Waste Primary Real Estate 

Communicate 3 things as quickly and as clearly as possible: what you sell, how it makes your customer’s life better, and how they can buy it. 

People don’t buy the best products. They buy the products they understand the fastest. 

You Need Call-to-Action Buttons Everywhere

Creating a website that is an unstoppable money-making machine for your business isn’t rocket science. 

But using this tip will make you look like a rocket scientist to 99.9% of marketers who still think it’s all about fancy design and a complementary colour palette. 

If you make it glaringly obvious to every customer how to do business with you, most of them will. 

Colours & Layout Comes Second

If you’re focused on colour palettes and slideshows, you’re being distracted from the important stuff … and so are your potential customers.

Cut through the blaring noise your customer hears every day with a crystal clear website that is free of distractions. 

Anything Extra The Customer Has to Do Is Bad For Business 

In today’s content and digital ad saturated world, it’s a battle just to get traffic to your site. Don’t lose the war, after fighting so hard to get customers to come to your site, by asking them to do extra, confusing work.  

When you get straight to the point you increase your conversion rate which will increase your revenue. 

The Whole Website Should Only Do One Thing 

The human brain can only take in one, perhaps two, bits of information at a time. It’s true for a kid forgetting to do chores, and it’s true for an adult customer on your website. 

When you tell them to do more than one thing, or try to sell them more than one thing, they do nothing and they buy nothing – apart from putting you in their too-hard basket!

There you have it! Before you think you need to overhaul your website (again!), make these little adjustments to your existing one and you’ll be amazed at the dramatic change to your conversion rate!

If you’re not sure where to start, simply submit your website for review and we’ll give you our two-cents’ worth in our next Facebook Live session!`

Or if you’re ready to go, schedule a call with us today. You may get to chat 1-on-1 with Alex himself!

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