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How a Charity Went From Running Local Op Shop To Raising 7 Figures Online


Charities do amazing things for our society. They are the pillars that bring much needed help to the disadvantaged down to the micro level. At the same time, most charities never achieve the full impact they aspire to due to insufficient funding.

Charities should just focus on their amazing work instead of being distracted by a lack of resources and having to beg for money all the time.

Imagine a world where “money is not a problem’ for these well-meaning charities. The planet would certainly be a much better place to live.

The story of Southern Cross Kids’ Camps is a remarkable one because they broke through this exact norm of “never enough money” in the charity world, and multiplied their impact at rapid speed around Australia.

Within a few short years under the leadership of Peter and Sandy Lusk, the organisation transformed from selling $2 chocolates and running local op shops to raising 7 figures through marketing campaigns online.

Recently Alex, our CEO, sat down with Peter and Sandy to chronicle this remarkable journey, unfold exactly how they went about running these amazing campaigns, and most importantly, how this paradigm shift in marketing is drastically changing young lives in Australia. 

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