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How Social Media REALLY Works For Business

Does social media feel like a monster to you and your business? Are you overwhelmed with all the information and ninja tricks with Facebook Ads, algorithm changes and emerging platforms? You’re not alone, almost 99% of the people that we come across, professional marketers or not, are in the same shoes…

A couple weeks ago we had the privilege to share with the StoryBrand community the ins and outs of how social media really works, and how businesses should relate and utilise social for their advantage to create measurable leverage, instead of being drawn by it and merely flushing their ad budgets down the drain.

When you have clarity around a few key concepts in social media, you will definitely find yourself being able to monetise and create long term results, despite the ongoing changes to the digital landscape. And that’s exactly what this video is all about.

Here’s the full video call, and you can skip to various sections to hear about these specific topics:

03:09 – The best way to use your Facebook Ad budget

13:08 – How to build social media content for the win

16:20 – Image Ads vs Video Ads

30:26 – What ROI RE$ULTS can you expect from doing social media marketing

37:25 – How much should I be spending on Facebook Ads monthly?

42:35 – Unrealistic expectations on social media marketing

48:40 – The next social media trends – SUPER IMPORTANT!

Every month, we meet with dozens of business owners and marketers in our Marketing Makeover Workshop to establish clear marketing messages so customers can finally engage.

Social media marketing is more than just click-baits, viral videos, or followers and likes in quantity – it’s about communicating a clear message that can be understood, and solves the customers problem.

Sign up to our upcoming workshop in 2019 and revolutionise your marketing today!

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