Create a

Clear Message That SELLS

StoryBrand consultation to clarify your message so customers engage

Instant Customer Engagement

Customers will quickly understand and make buying decisions

Beat Your

Stand out from your competitors who are confusing their customers

Build a Website
That Sells

Get your website StoryBranded and enjoy rapid increase in conversion

Are your customers ignoring your marketing?

Finding your websites, Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, SEO a complete waste of money? Book a FREE CALL with us to find out how to craft your brand message for the win!

What is StoryBrand

StoryBrand is a 7-step communications framework taken from traditional storytelling, craftily applied into business and marketing by Donald Miller, New York Times Bestselling Author.

Companies who clarify their message with the SB7 framework are seeing up to 5x in revenue increase in a matter of months, without major spend in ads and promotional campaigns. 

SeeSharp has been Certified StoryBrand Guide & Copywriter since Feb 2018.

With StoryBrand implemented, your business will be setup for...

Rapid Increase in Sales

This framework has 2x, 3x, 4x companies in 6-12 months.

Scalable Digital Marketing

Your sales funnel, social media, content marketing will all flow from one place.

True Authority in Business

Communicate the same way as the Richard Bransons & Steve Jobs of the world.

Join these world class organisations to transform your marketing today!

The thought of completely changing how you do marketing too overwhelming?

Get an introduction to StoryBrand with our monthly Melbourne Workshops!

"Fantastic stuff! The strategy day I spent with SeeSharp made two things extremely clear: StoryBrand marketing is without doubt cutting edge and outstanding, and secondly the quality of engagement with SeeSharp was very productive and customer centric."

Mark Seabrook, Body Backup

"I've been through the StoryBrand book a couple of times myself, but having SeeSharp walk my team through the process took it to another level. I cannot recommend this enough. Every business should do this."

Johannes Klupfel, Cloud Clicks

3 Step Process

Go through StoryBrand

Private Consultation

a full day session to implement StoryBrand into your business and build SB qualified collaterals

Beat your Competitions with a Clear Message!

gain momentum and scale your marketing, StoryBrand style!

Pricing & Deliverables

In this full day private session, we will workshop and provide documentations for:


  • StoryBrand recap
  • BrandScript
  • One-liner
  • Website Wireframe
  • Sales Funnel Framework
  • Landing Page Wireframe
  • Email Marketing titles
  • StoryBranded Content & Conversion Strategies


What does StoryBrand-style marketing actually look like?

Kingdom Business Network


Smart Investing for High Achievers

You're wasting money on marketing if the words you're using are confusing and unattractive.

A clear and concise message is going to be your unfair advantage to win in business.

Don't leave your brand message an afterthought, start making this a secret weapon for your business.


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