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Until COVID-19 Becomes History

Conversations on how things have changed and what to hope for in business

Witness the True Colours of Great Entrepreneurs

Brutally Honest Business Conversations & Helpful Tips

Survive this Crisis
to Thrive

Latest Episodes:

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Staying Motivated During ISO with Nalini Tranquim

Money Management & Profit First with Laura Elkasalassy

Yes, business is bad right now. We’re all feeling the impact.

This crisis will, however, make us more resilient. COVID-19 will eliminate the wannabe entrepreneurs, only leaving solid players in the business arena.

This “Surviving At Home” series is dedicated to you, fighters in the marketplace.

Thank you for being the backbone of our economy. Thank you for providing jobs. Thank you for creating products and services that add value to humanity.

We’re all in this together. Join the conversation.

Hosted by

Alex Lau

CEO of SeeSharp Group

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Upcoming guests & topics

Joel Eschenbach

On pivoting your website

Joel Deacon

On spirituality online

Julia Truong

On digital events

We entrepreneurs don’t need this whole “don’t give into fear” talk. We are already stayers and fighters.

Don’t waste a pandemic. This is the best time to think about all the million dollar questions

Join the conversation today and rebuild the economy together.

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